Members of Yoseikan Anderson with other karateka from near and far, from Chito-ryu and other styles came together on July 14th to participate in the United States Chito-kai Shochugeiko event.  The USCK holds 4 main events every year (Can you name them all?  Have you attended them all?).  Shochugeiko is the event held during the hottest part of the year and in addition to training one's body, the hardship provided by the outdoors helps to test one's resolve under difficult circumstances.  Each Shochugeiko is different and this one didn't disappoint as one of the hottest in recently memory.  The instruction by the USCK Shihans was excellent including guest instruction from Sensei De La Cruz from Florida.  After the event, everyone gathered in the picnic shelter to share food, drink and great conversation with old & new friends.