Shihan Shawna Lingo, Yon Dan, Head Instructor Yoseikan Anderson

Shawna has been studying Chito-Ryu Karate since June of 1994. She is a student of Kyoshi Lawrence Hawkins Jr. Shawna was promoted to Sho Dan, first degree black belt, by Kyoshi Lawrence Hawkins Jr. at the first regional test board for the US Chito-Kai on June 12th, 2004. Shawna was promoted to Ni Dan by the National Test Board on March 15th, 2008.  Shawna also holds rank in RyuKyu Kobdo Hozon Shinko Kai as taught by Sensei William Jansak, Go Dan (5th degree black belt). Shawna has been extremely dedicated to Chito-Ryu Karate-do enduring three pregnancies during her 20 plus years of training. As a result, she continues to keep herself busy with her three children, Jacob, Peter and Samantha. As she balances the needs of the children, she is also very active in Yoga, which has had a nice benefit to her karate instruction. Improved stretching and proper body mechanics play an important role in Chito-Ryu Karate.

Mark Lingo, San Dan

Mark Lingo

Mark began studying Chito Ryu Karate in October of 1992 under Kyoshi Lawrence Hawkins Jr., 7th degree black belt. Kyoshi Hawkins Jr. is the Chairman Emeritus of the US Chito-Kai, as well as the head instructor of Yoseikan II Cincinnati. He works hand in hand with Hanshi William Dometrich, 9th degree black belt and founder of the US-Chito-Kai, on all technical matters within the US Chito-Kai. Mark is a 3rd degree black belt (San Dan), promoted to his current rank on October 19, 2007. Mark also holds rank in RyuKyu Kobdo Hozon Shinko Kai, an Okinawan weapons style founded by Taira Shinken.

Other than martial arts, Mark is very active with his three children, following them to various baseball, basketball, soccer and swimming events. In addition to karate, Mark is an avid basketball and soccer player.

Professionally, Mark runs his family's business, Lingo Manufacturing in Florence, KY. Mark is the 4th generation of Lingos to manage the company. Lingo manufactures Point of Sale displays primarily from sheetmetal, tubing and wire.