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Located in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, Yoseikan Anderson Karate School offers classes in "Chito-Ryu" karate and Practial self defense classes for adults, children, and people with limited free time.

What is "Chito-Ryu" karate? Chito-Ryu is a Japanese martial art designed to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. It focuses on self defense, self discipline, self awareness and self control, while helping to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Students will learn the physical, psychological and philosophical aspects of Chito-ryu Karate. Come and explore a well rounded martial art.


 Doctor Tsuyoshi Chitose (O-Sensei), founder of Chito-Ryu

Doctor Tsuyoshi Chitose, O-Sensei

 Hanshi William Dometrich, 8th Dan, Founder of the US Chito-Kai

William J. Dometrich, Hanshi

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Dojo Re-Opening Tuesday, May 26th

We’ve missed you so very much, and we are SO excited to announce we will be re-opening our doors on Tuesday, May 26th!
As you know, you won’t be returning to the same dojo you left. Until the threat of the virus is behind us, we have to take precautions to make sure we can stay open. Here’s how you can help keep our dojo safe for everyone:
  • Wait outside until it’s time for your class. We want to limit the amount of people in the facility at one time. Parents we will have seats for you but please practice social distancing. 


Please consider joining us for one of our online training sessions via Zoom.  Beginners and experienced students alike are all welcome.

For the access code and schedule, please contact Sensei Shawna via email at yoseikanandersonkarate@gmail.com or by phone at (513) 232-1035.

Don't forget to install Zoom on your laptop, phone or tablet.